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Gentlemen’s Mafia featured in YOUNGXDREAMERS Blog


“We’re back! This time with the mafia, The Gentlemen’s Mafia. @Gentlemensmafia is an Instagram page started by Jason Stone, Mechanical Engineer and CEO Treadstone Performance Engineering Inc. Read the story behind the Gentlemen’s Mafia below! Enjoy!

Jason: ‘What inspired me to start Gentlemen’s Mafia was this; 8 months ago I started an entrepreneur page called @Millionaire_Mentor. My reason for starting this page was to motivate and inspire young entrepreneurs on their way to business stratum. I consider myself a good teacher and always shared my knowledge with friends, family or anyone that asked me for help. I love to help others do well, teach them, mentor them and give them tips that I have learned along the way. I am not greedy with my knowledge and I firmly believe that you can do anything you set your mind to.’

Jason met with some of the biggest entrepreneurs and motivation accounts on Instagram. For example @ThinkgrowRich, @BuildyourEmpire_, @AgentSteven, @AchievetheImpossible, @spobabbbbyyy, @motive8co, @mavens_table and @secrets2success. They told each other’s story and felt they were all a good fit for each other’s theme. So they teamed up and began sharing each other’s pages to help each other grow and spread motivation throughout the world. This led to the establishment of @MotivationMafia; a culmination of all the accounts combined that we named before. Motivation Mafia picks the best pictures from those pages and adds a Mafia type of theme to bring them all together as a family.

How the name came about; Jason did a group shout to the team in one of his posts, Mavens Table mentioned a hashtag #CantcallustheMafia, and Jason responded with #MotivationalMafia and the name Motivation Mafia was born! Today MotivationMafia is 118K followers strong and is curated by AgentSteven and ThinkGrowRich. In the future, MotivationMafia will grow into an online school for businessmen, made by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. Jason will teach you his Instagram secrets, so stay tuned!

Jason: ‘Soon after the establishment of MotivationMafia, I created Gentlemen’s Mafia as a spin-off of Motivation Mafia to bring and edgier Gentlemen’s themed side to the family. We knew we were bringing value once we saw the explosive growth and even copies of our Mafia theme throughout the Instagram community.’

Now they made a website. www.genmafiav3copy.wpengine.com. See the features below!Gentlemen’s Mafia

The Gentlemen’s Mafia store will retail high end exclusive men’s essentials, fashion, jewelry and novelty items that have been prescreened before having their seal of approval.
Approved Members will have a team with a collective of over 30 years of successful businesses at their side.
Assisting and empowering the ability to grow their business throughout the Gentlemen’s Mafia network and even Co-Brand their products for sale in the GM store.
Gentlemen’s style blog we emerge educating the gentlemen of today.
The Gentlemen’s Mafia membership page will give you access to time tested and proven informational e-books and study guides. Members will have access to a forum for all kinds of discussion with brief bios about themselves as this is a close knit community unlike any other.
The website will also empower those new to marketing arming them with help getting started through opportunities where they introduce the rookies to key members and even the chance to become affiliates earning them a sizable income utilizing their growing network. Members will be able promote their own coupon code, share links on their page and get paid a residual monthly commission while doing so!

Gentlemen’s Mafia has now grown into a hug network that culminates relationships from people all over the world. Whether you want to grow your account, advertise your products, or just network with people across the globe, the Gentlemen’s Mafia network is the solution. With help from Tim Karslivev, owner of @Spobabbbbyyy, the Gentlemen’s Mafia brand became a membership site with the aim to bring a network together. Once a member, you have access to their exclusive team of entrepreneurs and successful individuals wanting to grow their business just like you.

Jason: Just remember this; “It’s not what you know, but who you know”

Motivation Mafia and Gentlemen’s Mafia make up a network of almost 3 million Instagram followers combined. So if you have any doubts, kill them because those guys can help you start your own business! Follow Gentlemen’s Mafia now and don’t forget to share this article with your friends!”

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